Friday, December 31, 2010

Blue fish

This is MC6 calcium semimatte with cobalt a little copper and a little manganese (I can't remember how much), the overdip is MC6 Zinc semimatte Seagreen

Iron Jun

This pot was made using Bonnie Staffels coil and slab  throwing method.  It has a jun glaze from Micheal Baileys cone 6 book I added .5 % black iron

Bread boat

I made this after an article in Pottery Illustrated about Lana Wilson, this one has a glaze from MC6, the trans. clear with 4% manganese and 2% black iron.

Happy New Year's, 2011

I am Happy to have gotten this started and ready for the new year. I hope to keep updating but in the meantime I will post some photo's of past work. Its all about the work, and making it better.
I love these tri-footed mugs, they are fun and simple to make, they have a black slip wash wiped off and then a faux shino glaze from the clayart archive, but because I like using white cone six stoneware I added one extra percent of RIO to get it darker

Welcome, Dec. 31st., 2010

So, now I need to figure out the photo's.  Ah Ha! My first picture !
A few slab built things, my Christmas bell , with a rutile slip and MC6 transparent liner glaze