Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Established Colours for " the Wright's Pottery"

So these glazes/colours are what I am going forward with for 2014.
I may play around with colour and pattern in the milk jugs and clocks but the 6 standard patterns will remain the same. and I guess I am thinking about how I want to add black into the line up.
I have also decided to change the name of our business to
"the Wright's Pottery"
We are still dancing fools ourselves but I wanted a simpler name, I tend to complicate enough things.

I am calling this 'Denim Blue'

and this  'Green Leaf'

This seems to remain Just 'Brown'

Here is 'White'

and the 'Red',  though I haven't actually settled on the pattern for red, that may become something else.

and last but not least
'the Wee' Beasties

I have made the nissemen elf mugs
a little bigger than the strictly animal mugs.

the Milk Jug line up

These are new, Yarn Bowls for the knitter.
I have these out for sale, i'll see how they do,
they were a request.

this is the new teapot design I am working on,
and some bottle shapes with a similar profile.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2013 Christmas Sale at the Grey Granite

Thanks again are due to Morag Budgeon and Maureen Howel  
for organizing a fabulous weekend!

Here is my booth looking badly in need of light, though I think it is the pic, because it wasn't that dark.

This is the new Denim Blue,  I was going to call it slate blue but a customer came up and said they loved the new Denim Blue and I said thank you, and it was christened.


Here is a bit of whimsy,
I am calling this sort of thing a Fragment Bowl.

The Wee Beasties continuing Debut.
Great response.
Feeling very happy about them.

Ornaments derived from Lace patterns and then used to print Cards. 
a two in one use!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumn Leaves Studio Tour 2013

Here is my Page on the Autumn Leaves Studio Tour 2013, Go to
for more information  
We will be so happy to see you!

The Wee Beastie Family 
look forward to your visit

They have their own Danish style
New Years Commemorative Plate
for hanging on the wall.
The first few of an edition of 30
For 2014

This is the New Blue Stone Glaze
It took some figuring but I've got it now!

And the new Green Leaf Pattern,
replacing the old green.

So here is the Milk Bag Jug in the 
Green Leaf pattern,
and below is a rendition made possible by 
an App called a Cartoon Camera,
it makes your photos look like drawings,
I am still pondering the ethics of this but,
I did use it as an illustration for business cards 
and signs for printing in one colour.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My work at the Full table Fair 2013

It was beautiful weather. for more photos of the 
Full Table Fair go to 

The 'Wee Beasties'   Debut

Our Clocks and Milk bag jugs

Monday, May 27, 2013

the 3rd annual Full Table Fair

So Here is the flyer with this years line up

And this is for Lindsay, to see how its coming.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cookoo for Clocks

 A Clock Bonanza

So a wall clock and a mantle clock in the new slate blue,
I think I need to apply it thinner, but over all I am happy with it, in that I was going for a river stone look.

So, a few more photos, of Clocks and other things.

So I really like the milk bag jugs and so
as it seems, do other folk.

So,  The new pattern in black and White above and in the brown below

Well, I have decided on a name for the 
children's/whimsy line, it is to be

the Wee Beasties 

                                   a new pattern in the white

                                 a new pattern in green

                    Here it is the International Lace camp 2013
                        Commemorative Mug