Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My new sink

So, not long now till our sale on the 11th &12th of June,  Vince Bowen, Jim Hong Louie, and Marcelina Salazar, and myself.  4 potters all within 10 min. of each other.  Part of our schtick is to have some gourmet offerings to sell,  since I have a processing kitchen in the basement, which is right inside the real door we use off of our 'Courtyard'.  I needed another sink a hand wash basin,(that makes 4 in all) to serve from dishes so I made one to fit the space, surprise!  It works.  And I got 100% on the health inspection so that is a big GO.  I am working like a beaver because off course,  I'm not as far ahead as I would wish to be, sigh, like always.  We created a blogsite for the show, (since they are free), http://www.thefulltablefair.blogspot.com/,  just haven't had enough time to do much else on it, 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Red test back

So, I just got my test back from BSC labs  and it got a <0.01 rating for cadmium leaching, which effectively means zero for intents and purposes, <0.01 being the lowest they can test to.  So Retro Red, here we go!