Thursday, September 15, 2011

The new whiteware and the green slip is back

So is this where I write, everytime I do this something mysterious to me happens like the script self centring so I am going to just roll with it.
this is the white ware with MC6G\s transparent liner glaze.
but I messed up the location of the photo's so the rest of the white is mingled with other random shots.
 So now here is some of the black slip ware

Here is the new Aqua or Turquoise glaze , I am not sure what I will call it, but I like it a lot.

Here is some more whiteware.

Ta Da!  I have replicated the green slip that I love so much, and this time I took notes.
 A rutile slip scotch set.

Trifooted scotch cups.
More whiteware.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I'm working on in the Studio this week

                                          I am going to try an all white, plain embossed line of ware.
                                           these are the mug patterns I am trying.
                                         Small square and triangle dishes.
                                           Their little feet.
                                            Square soup bowls,
                                          And their little feet.
                                          Side view of the large rectangle servers.
                                          Insides of the servers. Below here are some long side servers,
                                          about 4" wide 10" long.
                                         This is what is left after the last lot was taken to the Art Gallery.

The Mug Roll

These are the mugs that I have on hand right now.
                                          This is what I am calling Antique Blue,  I was trying for the
                                           light green that I had been using but since I mixed that one haphazardly,
                         and hadn't taken notes,  and once it was all used up, I haven't been able to reproduce it .
                                          But, I have kept notes for this blue, which I like a lot.  I will
                                          continue to look for the green, my last test went brown, but
                                          I am closer.
                                         There are 2 of these left though I think I will go with the pattern
                                          on the next 2 brown ones for the shino series
                                           This is the pattern I will use for the bowls and plates in brown shino glaze.
                                          This is the copper green pattern,  I always need to have some green.
                                         I have 4 of these Bees&Birds&Flowers, they are a little
                                         shorter but wider.  they are only's, not going to repeat these.
                                           I have no idea if my finger tips give scale or not
                                           This is a new glaze that I am working on, a kind of turquiose.
                                           There are only 2 of these left.
                                          This is the Retro Red that I had tested.  there are 2 of these.
                                          This is the black and white, there are 3.  I used the same pattern
                                           as the turquiose. It is one of my favorite patterns.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Full Table Fair, June 11-12, 2011

                                          Marcelina, modeling our summer attire for june 11-12,
                                          unseasonably cold, wet and drizzly.
                                          My husband Garry serving his woodfired pizza to hungry
                                               Susan and Casey.
                                          The gorgeous Oriental Poppies behind Garry's
                                            Piano Folly.
                                            Bob Kirk of Sassafras, Fused Glass Jewellery.
                                          Ann-Ida Becks Paintings and Cards.
                                                My set up.

                                           Vince Bowen's Porcelain and great display.
                                           Aiyanna of Eternal Bee Products, her candles and homemade
                                               lotions and creams.
                                           Jim Hong Louie and his Raku Turtle Shells.
                                            The Vendor line up.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My new sink

So, not long now till our sale on the 11th &12th of June,  Vince Bowen, Jim Hong Louie, and Marcelina Salazar, and myself.  4 potters all within 10 min. of each other.  Part of our schtick is to have some gourmet offerings to sell,  since I have a processing kitchen in the basement, which is right inside the real door we use off of our 'Courtyard'.  I needed another sink a hand wash basin,(that makes 4 in all) to serve from dishes so I made one to fit the space, surprise!  It works.  And I got 100% on the health inspection so that is a big GO.  I am working like a beaver because off course,  I'm not as far ahead as I would wish to be, sigh, like always.  We created a blogsite for the show, (since they are free),,  just haven't had enough time to do much else on it, 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Red test back

So, I just got my test back from BSC labs  and it got a <0.01 rating for cadmium leaching, which effectively means zero for intents and purposes, <0.01 being the lowest they can test to.  So Retro Red, here we go!

Friday, April 22, 2011

red test cups

So these are some red cups using the red slip and clear glaze from MC6G I am having them tested for cadmium leaching.  I put a wash of the red slip on the bottom of the cups and under the glaze, for that is where they test.