Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting ready for the big sale

So, now here are some things that were supposed to be a light, bright fresh green but turned out a kind of blah brown,  just impatient, test, test test. my own fault.
So we (as in a few potter friends and I ) are going to have a sale at our house, in june, hopefully it can grow into a small studio tour.  It has been interesting to see what I have been developing with this in mind.  I know somewhat what other potters prepare for sales, but there can still be quite different ideas as to what you think folks might buy and what you like to make and how to reconcile the two.  I know I am production minded because of how I always developed pastries and breads for sale,  Always watching what sold what time of year and when interest waned and what to do next.  Shelve the recipe, bring out something else and re-introduced it later, when it will be new again.  Boy am I glad I am not doing that anymore, at least not all the time.  But its funny how the clay and pastry dough call for the same actions, Its almost like the same thing but pots don't rot, although I can make rotten pots.    

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