Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My new sink

So, not long now till our sale on the 11th &12th of June,  Vince Bowen, Jim Hong Louie, and Marcelina Salazar, and myself.  4 potters all within 10 min. of each other.  Part of our schtick is to have some gourmet offerings to sell,  since I have a processing kitchen in the basement, which is right inside the real door we use off of our 'Courtyard'.  I needed another sink a hand wash basin,(that makes 4 in all) to serve from dishes so I made one to fit the space, surprise!  It works.  And I got 100% on the health inspection so that is a big GO.  I am working like a beaver because off course,  I'm not as far ahead as I would wish to be, sigh, like always.  We created a blogsite for the show, (since they are free), http://www.thefulltablefair.blogspot.com/,  just haven't had enough time to do much else on it, 


  1. That's a very stylish sink, Birgit. The details are just so elaborate, making it even more attractive. It perfectly accentuates your countertop too. :))

    -Lance Witts

  2. Elegant! The sink looks like it's worth every dollar. That's why I suggest to keep it free from abrasive objects, as scratches and mark will ruin its beauty. Furthermore, you could separate leftovers from plates after meals, so that the drain won't suffer too much and get clogged. Better yet, pour hot water after washing the dishes to loosen oil residues that contribute to clogging.

    ->Darryl Lorio