Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Mug Roll

These are the mugs that I have on hand right now.
                                          This is what I am calling Antique Blue,  I was trying for the
                                           light green that I had been using but since I mixed that one haphazardly,
                         and hadn't taken notes,  and once it was all used up, I haven't been able to reproduce it .
                                          But, I have kept notes for this blue, which I like a lot.  I will
                                          continue to look for the green, my last test went brown, but
                                          I am closer.
                                         There are 2 of these left though I think I will go with the pattern
                                          on the next 2 brown ones for the shino series
                                           This is the pattern I will use for the bowls and plates in brown shino glaze.
                                          This is the copper green pattern,  I always need to have some green.
                                         I have 4 of these Bees&Birds&Flowers, they are a little
                                         shorter but wider.  they are only's, not going to repeat these.
                                           I have no idea if my finger tips give scale or not
                                           This is a new glaze that I am working on, a kind of turquiose.
                                           There are only 2 of these left.
                                          This is the Retro Red that I had tested.  there are 2 of these.
                                          This is the black and white, there are 3.  I used the same pattern
                                           as the turquiose. It is one of my favorite patterns.

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