Thursday, April 5, 2012

A bunch of new photos

                                                         The brown Faux Shino Latte cup and Plate                                                                  
                               Blue lidded jar
                                the beautiful new green pattern
                                the old black and white
                                 the antique white
                                the 3 whites, antique, blue rinse, and eggshell
                                the Blue Rinse
                                long green side dish
                                the Black, side dish and wee bowl
                                 a bunch o' black
                                a few more
                                  brown latte mug
                                tri-footed rogues gallery
                                 black latte
                               Olivia's tea set
                                    some jugs
                                Arno's teapot
                                    Arno's mugs and the established blue pattern

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