Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cookoo for Clocks

 A Clock Bonanza

So a wall clock and a mantle clock in the new slate blue,
I think I need to apply it thinner, but over all I am happy with it, in that I was going for a river stone look.

So, a few more photos, of Clocks and other things.

So I really like the milk bag jugs and so
as it seems, do other folk.

So,  The new pattern in black and White above and in the brown below

Well, I have decided on a name for the 
children's/whimsy line, it is to be

the Wee Beasties 

                                   a new pattern in the white

                                 a new pattern in green

                    Here it is the International Lace camp 2013
                        Commemorative Mug 

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