Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Established Colours for " the Wright's Pottery"

So these glazes/colours are what I am going forward with for 2014.
I may play around with colour and pattern in the milk jugs and clocks but the 6 standard patterns will remain the same. and I guess I am thinking about how I want to add black into the line up.
I have also decided to change the name of our business to
"the Wright's Pottery"
We are still dancing fools ourselves but I wanted a simpler name, I tend to complicate enough things.

I am calling this 'Denim Blue'

and this  'Green Leaf'

This seems to remain Just 'Brown'

Here is 'White'

and the 'Red',  though I haven't actually settled on the pattern for red, that may become something else.

and last but not least
'the Wee' Beasties

I have made the nissemen elf mugs
a little bigger than the strictly animal mugs.

the Milk Jug line up

These are new, Yarn Bowls for the knitter.
I have these out for sale, i'll see how they do,
they were a request.

this is the new teapot design I am working on,
and some bottle shapes with a similar profile.

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  1. Hi - I have a wonderful mug I purchased from you years ago; it is cracked and I want to get another, as well as a few gifts for friends. I am having no luck finding your contact info. Can you help?